Decentralized social media platform

Created to bring monetary worth back to quality content.


The MT blockchain is a fully decentralized social media platform focused on blockchain related content using blockchain technology, adopting an innovative approach that allows users to have the power to create and disseminate valued content compared to traditional social media platforms. The user evaluation - token incentive model rewards contributors (including community builders, content providers and communicators) who create value content for the platform, and provides MTS rewards for these contributors. The goal is to link people and blockchain related content together, and to ensure that the content is valuable to the users. The voting also allows information to bring monetary worth back to quality content.

Value Scale Algorithm

Based on the DPOS consensus mechanism to create a value-scale algorithm model to filter value information.

Value Proof MechanismMining

Through a value proving mechanism allows both content producers and content dissemination evaluators to obtain incentives and record these rewards through witnesses.

Full user self-governance

The Council adapts community development by adjusting system parameters and social thresholds to reduce the harassment of malicious users and information to the community and can block the spread of pirated content and spam.
Technical Advantages
MTS will use blockchain technology to establish a transparent and efficient evaluation system to quantify value contribution and reward users. By giving users control rights, governance rights, and revenue rights, the community ecological and economic model is redefined and a new ecology of content production platforms is creatively constructed.
Based on EOS
Based on the first decentralized social media application of the EOS infrastructure, TPS can achieve millions of milliseconds of validation time and powerful carrying capacity.
Based on IPFS
Complete decentralization based on ipfs decentralized protocols and storage for access and content storage, creating an always online platform.
Based on SmartMesh
Compatible with SmartMesh protocol, enabling networkless communication, and peer-to-peer communication in a no-net environment, enabling true decentralization of networking
Safety, cross-chain
Advanced multi-signature, cross-chain wallet asset management, encrypted communication, more convenient, flexible and secure blockchain vertical social tools

Product Value

MtBlock ( restores the valuable essence of information for the first time through democratic voting. By doing so, it helps people reclaim the value scepter of information. In a word, it is a vertical social networking platform in the area of block chain based on block chain technology

  • Value Content

    Blockchain content = Blockchain Google + Baidu + Today's headline, eliminate junk false information, eliminate advertising, improve people's efficiency in accessing information, reduce the cost of people's access to valuable information, MT blockchain let information return value itself, Return the value token of information to people.

  • Social Exchange Entrance

    Blockchain People Connector = Blockchain WeChat + Facebook, quickly find friends in

  • Blockchain digital wallet

    Blockchain commonly used digital asset management = Blockchain Alipay, user personal center to facilitate the management of daily popular digital assets

  • Always online WEB

    Content created based on ipfs, decentralized, never offline.

  • 20% Founding Team
  • 25% Mine Pool
  • 20% Ecological Operation
  • 10% Private Equity Investors
  • 5% Cornerstone Investors
  • 20% Overseas Issuing Foundation
Product development plan
May 10, 2018
The beta app is online
June 1, 2018
Mobile phone mining function on the line
July 1, 2018
Based on EOS main network deployment product
September 1, 2018
Realizing the Community Decentralization and Autonomous Operation
October 1, 2018
Digital asset management is complete and supports cross-chain asset management
December 1, 2018
Access SmartMesh protocol to achieve networkless communication transmission, complete network transmission decentralization vision
January 1, 2019
Access ipfs protocol, trying to achieve full decentralization of content storage
Try to collaborate the Orchid Protocol
Investment & Cooperation